Personal Development with Helen Allott
Personal Development with Helen Allott

Why build these cities glorious, if man unbuilded goes? In vain we build the world unless the builder also grows (Edwin Markham)


Helen is available for both life and career coaching, ranging from planning a change of direction in life to creating an action plan for career change. In January 2010, career and life coach Lesley Snowdon joined her as an associate consultant.


What is Life Coaching?


Life-Coaching provides professional one-to-one support if you wish to make positive changes in your life or move forward. It involves helping you to improve the quality of your life, whether this includes your work, personal-life, relationships, life-style, sense of purpose, spirituality, life/work balance or any other aspects of your life. 


Life-Coaching Methods


Your Life-Coach acts as a 'friendly supporter', guiding you towards your goals, breaking them down into steps and helping you with any blocks you come across along the way. As a qualified Counsellor, additionally trained in life-coaching methods, Helen is in an ideal position to recognise the kind of approach to best suit your needs.


She is trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), relationship counselling, eating disorders counselling, motivational interviewing, training and Solution Focused Therapy. Helen draws on a wide range of exercises and methods to suit each individual. These include problem-solving and insight-generating tools, pen and paper exercises to encourage exploration and reflection, visualisations, art and music therapy techniques and many more personal-growth coaching techniques.


Life-Coaching can be helpful for people who:


  • Want to make some positive changes
  • Are feeling stuck in a rut
  • Feel they are on a tread-mill
  • Have lost direction in life
  • Feel held back by low self-esteem
  • Feel their life is out of balance
  • Want a life-review to get back on track


What we do in Life-Coaching


We will explore your situation and assess the aspects of your life you wish to improve. We will then put together an agreed action-plan based on a realistic vision of how you would like your life to be. Then we will clarify stages in your plan and explore the factors which might hinder you (such as limiting self-beliefs) and those which could enhance your progress (such as positive habits). There will also be work-sheets to help you to reflect on the kind of person you are, the skills you might have over-looked, the choices you have and so on.


Email or Phone Counselling


For people who cannot travel or fit personal appointments into their schedule, email or phone coaching is an excellent way of receiving support and guidance. Please contact Helen for further information.


Career Counselling


As a qualified Careers Guidance Adviser, Helen can offer a range of services to help you towards succeeding in your career goals. These include:


  • Writing or updating your CV 
  • Mock interviews (for jobs and university) including feedback
  • Public speaking and improving voice production
  • Individual career action plans


‘I didn’t think I would ever be able to do anything with my life. Now I can, it’s brilliant’. A client

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